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Advanced Voice Courier Analog modem AVC-5610
Technical support - firmware, drivers, documentations
TotalControl MP/16 Modem pools
Pools and access servers U.S.Robotics Total Control MP/8 and NETServer/16, I-modem with V.90/Euro-ISDN firmware
Upgrade Modem repair
We repair your analog or digital modem - USR, 3COM, Zyxel, Acorp.

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  Voiceband modems

AVC-5610 - Analog modem for 5-inch PC slot

Voiceband modem AVC-5610 was especially developed for noisy and distorted Russian telephone channels. Modem has adapted and enhanced firmware with some additional features. More...
  Advanced Voice Courier Firmware
It is a new firmware to U.S.Robotics Courier V.Everything modem. Do you have an old Courier modem ? Do you want to turn your old modem to home call center ? Do you want to record your phone calls to personal computer ? You have to download Advanced Voice Courier firmware !
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  Выложены новые прошивки для модемов Courier V.Everything с поддержкой Caller ID. Скачать 
  Обновлен раздел Документация. Появилось несколько новых статей, в том числе статья Михаила Лихачева об истории апгрейдов. Читать статью 
  Запущен новый форум на новом движке. Зайти на форум 
  В разделе модемы AVC-5610 выложена прошивка с реализацией CallerID/FSK и CallerID/DTMF. Подробнее 
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