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Serial port driver serial.sys for Windows NT, Win2K, WinXP


SERIAL.SYS - driver of serial port for NT-based operating systems, that has many essential changes. This is FREEWARE-version of driver (asterisk marked items are available in commercial verison). Full-featured driver ships whith AVC-5610 modem.

  • Serial PnP feature disabled. Modem doesn't lost in hardware list, when modem was off during Windows startup.
  • ISR procedure was modified
  • internal buffer was modified
  • modified algorithm of MSR and LSR register access throught Escape char (DOS software over NTVDM)
  • (*)supports most motherboard chipsets Super I/O (baudrate >= 230400)
  • (*)added functions to work with FIFO buffers
  • (*)"multithreading". It is feature of AVC-5610 modem.


  1. You have to copy file _serial.sys (see ZIP-archive) into %windir%\system32\drivers\ folder, where %windir% - full path to Windows system folder (example C:\WINNT).
  2. In registry - HLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Serial\, parameter ImagePath change serial.sys to _serial.sys.
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Remove all previously installed modems from /Control Panel/Modems/
  5. Setup modem(s) again manually (because PnP disabled)

Windows XP installed at C:\ in folder \WINXP
- copy file _serial.sys into folder C:\WINXP\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\
- change value of ImagePath to: \??\c:\winxp\system32\drivers\_serial.sys


This serial port driver are available AS IS. No any warranty inteded. Yuo setup this driver for own risk. Author don't account for any damages.


(с) Andrey V.Panukov and Andrey V.Vavaev

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