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This is a phone recording software for your old voice modem. Phone Call Logger automatically and secretly records all information regarding a telephone calls to your hard disk. It can register incoming and outgoing phone numbers, and store records in a very-compact compressed sound file. Also you may store voice records as standard Windows .WAV sound files. Each record is accomplished with call direction (incoming/outgoing), time/date, phone number and call duration. Optionally, Phone Call Logger can work in manual mode: it will start/stop recording after single push button. The program is compatible with Windows 98, ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and XP.
Main Features
  • Fully automatic background mode. Unlike other similar software, Phone Call Logger can work invisibly for you and your peer
  • Automatically records incoming and outgoing calls
  • Silent-detection to terminate call recording
  • Speech compression (up to 1:50). Message can be compressed in real-time to reduce required storage against the uncompressed messages
  • Incoming call number detection (Caller ID, Russian AON)
  • Outgoing call phone number detection both in pulse and tone
  • Exports records to standard Windows .WAV-format
  • Playback for recorded messages. Playback is possible both to the phone line and to the PC speaker
  • Equalizer for effective noise reduction
System requirements
  • CPU Pentium-100 or higher
  • Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows 98
  • Voice Modem. Phone Call Logger can work with either ever voice modem. However, to work as fully automatically and secretly phone call tap and recorder not each voice modem could be used. At this moment, Phone Call Logger has been tested with some voice modems:

    - 3COM/U.S.Robotics Sportster Voice External
    - 3COM/U.S.Robotics Voice PCI Int, model xx-2976
    - 3COM/U.S.Robotics Voice PCI Int, models xx-2974
    - U.S.Robotics Courier V.Everything, models xx2805, xx2806, xx1223, xx1224 (flash update needed)
    - Acorp External, models EMSF, EMSF2
    - Some other modems, based on Conexant chipset. Try Phone Call Logger Evaluate version to ensure.

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